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COMPANY - "Bianca Baykara had legs for days and a voice to match, her potrayal of Marta making all the difference in how much hope the audience left with."


Stage Whispers - "Bianca Baykara is one of my current favourite performers."


Classic Melbourne - "As Marta, Bianca Baykara gives the conflicted wonderment of the hippy girl caught up in the thrall of New York's business in the song of urban alienation "Another Hundred People". It's a memorable performance."


The Age - "Carina Waye, Madeleine Mackenzie and Bianca Baykara are terrific in You Could Drive A Person Crazy, the Andrews Sisters-like pastiche sung by Robert's lovers."


AussieTheatre - "Nothing shines brighter than Robert's trio of girlfriend all-sorts as they step out singing and dancing in 'You Could Drive A Person Crazy' with blastedly great fun."


TheatrePeople - "The close harmonies of ‘You Could Drive a Person Crazy’ by the trio of Robert’s girlfriends is a sensation. Carina Waye as April, Madeleine Mackenzie as Kathy and Bianca Baykara as Marta do a brilliant job of conveying Sondheim’s densely packed lyrics with Michael Ralph’s equally detailed choreography to create a captivating version of this popular number."


Sydney Morning Herald - "Bianca Baykara is terrific as Rosalia, turning Somewhere into an urgent plea for love."

Full review here


Simon Parris (Man In Chair) - "Bianca Baykara is a delight as Rosalia, delivering wide-eyed comedy in “America” and lovely singing in “Somewhere.”

Full review here


Stage Whispers - "Bianca Baykara was perfect as Rosalia."

Full review here


Theatrepeople - "Bianca Baykara is a treat as Rosalia. She has a lot of energy and a strong voice. She draws your attention in “America”, but more impressively delivers a haunting and hallowed “Somewhere".

Full review here


BroadwayWorld - "Proving that it doesn't take a lead role to make an impression were various smaller and cameo roles...Bianca Baykara as Rosalia, brought a bright light to the stage."

Full review here


Classic Melbourne - "In the smaller role of Shark Girl Rosalia, Bianca Baykara brought a stunning voice to her solo "Somewhere" and a delightful smile and charm to this character."

Full article: HERE



TheTheatreNerd - "This girl is one to watch. Her star is surely going to rise soon, with beauty and a powerhouse voice she is a force to be reckoned with. A particular highlight is her hopeful "It Won't Be Long Now.""


Simon Parris, Man In Chair - "In the key role of Vanessa, Bianca Baykara displays impressive acting talent as she manages to portray a young woman who is plagued by low self-esteem despite her exotic beauty."


Coral Drouyn, StageWhispers - Bianca Baykara (Vanessa) was a standout in last year’s Pacific Overtures and she nails this role with the same energy and talent, not to mention her stunning beauty." -


TheatrePeople - "Baykara demonstrates a fine singing voice and cuts up the floor when she salsas with all the men in the club." - 




Simon Parris, TheatrePeople - "Bianca Baykara is a moving heroine for that of dastardly undertones 'Pretty Lady' 


ArtsHub - "...kudos must be given to Bianca Baykara for her delicate and heartbreaking portrayal of the 'pretty lady' 


Stage Whispers - "Bianca Baykara impresses vocally throughout and is delicately beautiful and vulnerable in "Pretty Lady" 


Front page mX newspaper in Melbourne



Southern Courier, 10th April 2012



"Bianca Baykara gave a first class, emotional performance as Miss Saigon, Kim. She has an excellent voice, a great stage presence..." StageWhispers

"Baykara sung the challenging role with sincerity and understanding."  WebWombat

Herald Sun


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