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Into the theatre with West Side Story...

We did it! Rehearsing West Side Story with original Jerome Robbins choreography was never going to be easy with 12 days rehearsal but we did it! The show looks amazing and I am always in tears during Act 2. I really do feel very priviliged to be amongst this cast and have been learning as much as I can from our principals who are established performers on the West End and Broadway. It's a treat to perform "America" with Deone Zanotto, who is playing Anita. Today is a day off to rest before we sitzprobe tomorrow with Orchestra Victoria. I will probably have a mini heart attack when I hear the orchestra, and in particular, to sing "Somewhere" with a full orchestra is a huge achievement for me. I know I sound like I'm gushing a lot, but I honestly feel very grateful and am very excited! West Side Story is held up as one of the greatest musicals ever written, and a show for a true triple threat. I am excited to get into the theatre and explore my character further, and then to bring our show to an audience in the beautiful State Theatre.

In other news, I've been flying up and down from Sydney a whole lot with creative projects... If you head to my "Videos" page, I've uploaded a sneak peek of "Together Again" - A song cycle by Nick & Lincoln that I worked on. I recently rerecorded my vocals for my song which will appear on the album, and the film clip choreographed by Cameron Mitchell will be launched soon on Youtube. We shot that back in March, and the song has evolved a little since then.

I also filmed a short film called "The Link" opposite Les Miserables' Ben Hall, so keep an eye out for that in the upcoming months. The film was written and directed by Lincoln Hall, who I always love working with. Interestingly enough, Lincoln was two years ahead of me at NIDA and our paths have crossed many times since then - he was directorial secondment to Gary Young on Singin' In The Rain. A very talented writer, performer & director!

Jekyll & Hyde also launched recently - I reeeeeally can't wait for this one! It's a reimagining of the show, and is taking more of a gothic thriller turn in design and direction. Opera Australia was a dream to work for on The King & I, and I look forward to another wonderful tour with Jekyll & Hyde.

Ok - time for me to pack my dressing room stuff ready to move into the State Theatre tomorrow!

BB x

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