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Fall in the Northern Hemisphere

Hi all! I'm actually the worst at this blogging thing, hey? One year between entries! :( I will try a little harder I promise.

So I'm writing from London! I've been pretty lucky in the last few months to work overseas and it certainly has been the direction that my career has been taking. I will spend 7 months touring in Europe with Priscilla Queen of The Desert next year, which I am STOKED about. Bring on the pasta and pizza !! (but I will be in the gym every day to make sure my costumes still fit - a fair compromise I think!)

I worked for two months in Florida for Norwegian Cruise Lines in Sept/Oct, and had an amazing time. I loved working with performers from all over the world, it really opened my eyes to other possibilities out there. I'm not saying I'm retiring from Australian theatre completely, but I am excited to spread my wings a little and travel. For now my priority is overseas opportunities.

London is a little cold for my liking compared to sunny Florida. I'm definitely rocking about 5 layers underneath my coat. On the agenda for this week is seeing Harry Potter & The Cursed Child - I. CAN'T. WAIT! Last year I went to Harry Potter Studios with Declan and next year I will visit Harry Potter World in Orlando during rehearsals for PRISCILLA. When I was a teen I was obsessed with the books and used to wish I was Cho Chang. Ha.

Anyways, laters. If you have any Q's you'd like me to answer about what I do to prepare for auditions, exercise routine, anything, send me a message and I will get it up on the blog!

BB x

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