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What's around the riverbend..?

I quote, of course, Stephen Schwartz & Howard Ashman in Disney's Pocahontas. 2015 has proven to be quite the eventful year, with career highlights and two major projects I was cast in cancelled. I've learnt that I am more resilient than I thought, and I continue onwards with optimism and enthusiasm, a la Pocahontas.

So, whats around the riverbend for me? Time will still tell, but I'm hoping for a 2016 full of exciting and challenging projects. It kicks off with my return to the barrio in the return season of 'IN THE HEIGHTS'. We sold out the original season and I know the return season will be a hit as well. There is an undeniable energy about the piece and I was lucky to see it in London on my recent travels. Jade Ewen was a sexy, sassy, fun Vanessa and the entire show blew me away.

The photo above is from Watch This' "Company". I relished exploring the character of Marta and it definitely felt like the moment where I could call myself 'actor' amongst a wonderfully talented cast. It also saw me reunited with Nick Simpson-Deeks, a freakishly talented scene partner and leading man.

Hopefully more news to come. BB x

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